On the carpet. Hunched over, looking green and ready to do that thing that dogs do. On the carpet. On. The. CARPET!

Survival Mode!

I sprinted to the front door in my jammies calling, “DexterDexterDEXTER..!” in a blind panic, tripping on a toy, stubbing my toe on a door frame and mowing over the cat along the way.

But we MADE IT.  All manner of awfulness occurred outside. Can I get an Amen?

illWhy do sick dogs aim for the carpet?

Why do dogs chew up their toys and gag on small pieces?

Why do bloggers disappear into oblivion for a month and then announce their return with stories of Dog Yutz?

I cannot explain these things. But. I’ve gotten a TON of work finished in the past few weeks, so now I get to play on my blogs again. Yaaaayyyy!

Missed ya.


Going MIA for a bit

For the third and final try… (This post has disappeared twice on me. Shall we go for a third strike?)

So much to do, so little time. Unfortunately the blogs need to take a breather while I get some things accomplished around here. Wish me luck! ;0]

Any theologian can tell you the signs are there. Profound weather changes, sin running rampant, and Pat Boone singing Metallica.


What are you looking at, Punk?

‘Tis madness!

My first encounter with this version of Enter Sandman was as some guy’s ringtone. I honestly thought it was new because I’d never heard it before. (Pretty sure I would have remembered this little baby.)

How have I missed this little gem for so long? Has my head been firmly planted in the sand? Or elsewhere? I just can’t imagine how this one flew under my radar. Enjoy!

*Applauds Mr. Boone for sheer attitude.


Only my husband…

Only my husband would wear this tee shirt to an elementary school Parent/Child fun night.


Since my hubby bears a vague resemblance to Chuck Norris, I cringe just a little more than usual.


Anybody else have a spouse with a cheeky sense of humor?

Michigan is the epitome of weather weirdness. A few days ago we fished in beautiful, warm weather. (I use the term ‘we’ loosely, as my contribution to the fishing expedition was hiking in and out supplies and relaxing by the campfire.) The day was perfect–spring temps, t-shirts, billowy clouds and singing birds. Our faces actually got sunburned, but it was worth it.

And then…

The next morning we woke to an ice storm. Will this winter never end?

Random oddities from my house. Got any random oddities from yours?

1. I once named a pictus cat (aquarium bottom feeder) ‘Stevens’ just so I could call him Cat Stevensfish. ba-da-BUMP!  (You have to be at least 40 to get that lame joke.)

2. Currently, we have a kitty named ‘Fisher’ and in the aquarium, a red bellied pacus named ‘Cat.’  According to my husband, this is so we can call the cat ‘Fish’ and the fish ‘Cat.’ (And you thought the Cat Stevensfish joke was lame!)

3. Our 80 lb. rottie mix is deathly afraid of the neighbor’s chihuahua.

4. Our house eats hand towels and then regurgitates them into the wash. Despite my best efforts, there is never a hand towel available in the kitchen or the bathroom.  I put them out– really, I do –and they immediately disappear. As a result, I wash LOADS of hand towels, yet I’m forced to dry my hands on my jeans. *sigh*

5. I am mentally incapable of  keeping track of a cup of coffee. I drink the stuff every day, and yet I cannot finish a full cup without forgetting where I put the doggone thing down. I leave them in the bathroom, on dressers, on the front step…  By noon I’m usually on my 3rd or 4th coffee mug. When I do dinner dishes, I send the kids on a cup hunt to find any I lost all day. Do they make The Clapper for coffee cups? I really need to buy one!

Sooo…that’s random weirdness from my house. What can you share from yours?